MailServer 文档!





(MTA 邮件传输代理)是一个用来接受并转发邮件的程序,它是整个服务器的关键部分。在Ubuntu中默认的邮件传输代理程序是Postfix,主软件库中的exim4也是完全支持的。

  • Postfix - 将会指导您如何安装并设置Postfix。



  • PostfixAmavisNew - this guide explains how to integrate amavisd-new with Postfix.
  • PostfixGreylisting - this guide explains how to install Postgrey to implement greylisting
  • EximClamAV - this guide explains how to integrate anti-virus with the Exim mail server



  • Dovecot - this guide explains how to set up Dovecot as a mail server. Dovecot is a good mail server which is simple to setup.
  • Courier - this guide explains how to set up Courier as a mail server. Courier is also quite simple to use and can be used with external database for managing virtual users. It is widely used.
  • MailServerCourierSpamAssassin - this guide provides an example of a complete mail server using Courier MTA and SpamAssassin.
  • Cyrus - this guide explains how to set up Cyrus as a mail server. Cyrus is of those MDA the most complicated server. Neverthless, it is the more scalable and a widely used server. It only supports virtual users. Warning: Cyrus has been dropped from main. It is in universe on dapper and edgy and thus doesn’t necessarily receive security updates.


Webmail permits you and your email users to view their email via their webbrowser from anywhere in the world. You’ll need to have setup a MTA, a MDA and a webserver (see the Apache page) for these to work.

  • Squirrelmail - this guide explains how to set up Squirrelmail webmail.
  • OpenWebMail - this guide explains how to set up the OpenWebMail application.


You can add to your mail server a mailing-list system to deliver mails to a large number of people, let someone else manage subscription, manage people who are posting, moderate messages.

  • Mailman - this guide explains howto setup a mailman installation on Postfix and Exim.


  • POP3Aggregator - this guide explains how to set up an IMAP mail server with Dovecot that will download your mail from an external POP3 server, and allow you to access the mail using any IMAP-compatible email client.